Integrated Services

HR Tools

Human Resources Communications

We provide a private, secure, and direct communications channel between HR and individual employees. All communications are tracked and searchable, with time/date stamps, status, and outcome resolution documented.

Employee Communications

We offer a complete suite of communications tools that inform, educate, and engage employees. Our one click messaging solution allows HR administrators to create robust email or text message communications with optional attachments, graphical headers, embedded hyperlinks, and tracking.

Payroll, Broker & 3rd Party Support

Our goal is to bring all your resources together on a single, easy to access, and collaborative platform. Our solution is specifically designed to integrate, support, and help deliver payroll, broker, financial services, and other providers to your workforce.

Benefits Management

Open Enrollment

Complete on-line benefits enrollment and management is included with full support all traditional lines as well as public and private exchanges. The service include payroll deductions, plan descriptions, and individual employee benefits statement summaries.

Benefits Processing

HR administrators or their broker can download benefits selections in provider specific file format into a standard Excel file for review and forwarding to their providers. This includes health, vision, dental, financial, and voluntary.

Employee Self-Service

Benefits Optimization allows employees’ direct access to a wide variety of services, including benefits enrollment, payroll, HR communications, financial education, documents, forms, and FAQ’s. This self-service capability significantly reduces HR overhead and support of these activities.

Worksite Wellness

Population Engagement

Benefits Optimization offers a complete and comprehensive suite of employee wellness tools, services, and activities that address personal wellness, chronic disease self-management, and health education. Services like MyHealthNavigator, Fit by the 4th, and Fall in 2 Fitness help keep employees engages and on track.

Intergated Incentives

Included in Benefits Optimization is an integrated health incentive that tracks employees’ health activities and allows them to accrued wellness points toward an employer sponsored reward. The program is designed to include components for your healthcare coverage, personal physical activities, health education, and participation in group events.

Wearables & Smart Apps

We built an integrated link to over 60 smart apps and wearable devices that automatically capture the data these devices generate and adds it to each employees health incentive account as well as their personal health report. We’ve also create an app that automatically tracks their health club attendance.